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hubris. - The One Above

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This album, just like their three previous albums, delves into Greek Mythology. This one incorporates an additional concept by exploring the works of Plato and his allegory of the cave. The allegory is divided into four distinctive parts which are represented by each of the songs. 

The album can be interpreted in two ways. Either by starting from the title track and therefore starting the allegory from the top, or from the last track of the album and working one's way out of the cave. Each song represents a facet of the allegory (e.g. Of Light representing the fire used to create and project the shadows, but also the knowledge that is to be acquired by the characters in the story) and they can be perceived in an optimistic light, i.e. one manages to escape the cave and behold reality - or a more pessimistic one. Yet, both ways of exploring the allegory can be perceived as either the "happier" one or the "sadder" one which this album also aims to persuade. There is no right way to analyse the allegory - it is all but subjective. In that sense, not only reality is subjective, but also whether one version of the story is "better" than the other one. 



hubris. is a Swiss post-rock band originating from Fribourg. Formed in 2014, the instrumental quartet is characterised by their original style which blends an experimental touch of post-rock, electronica atmosphere and some elements of the metal scene.

They draw their inspiration from bands like Woodkid, This Will Destroy You or Jon Hopkins amongst others. With their style evoking introspection, hubris. characterise themselves with the length of their compositions, allowing a range of evolving emotions through softness and power.

The band calls forth emotions of its audience due to a heterogeneous musical landscape mixing poetic ambiance and raw energy.

On the 2nd of May 2015, hubris. released their first opus “Emersion” along-side the New Zealander post-rock band Jakob. The album was well-received by various medias outlets, obtaining several reviews from webzines and newspaper as well as being aired on multiple radio stations.

In April 2017, hubris. came out with a second album called “Apocryphal Gravity”. This album sports a brand new set of colours. Their musical approach took a new turn with a drastic change in their method of composing. The band sets forth a musical style rarely explored to this day, breaching pre-established post-rock conventions by incorporating electronica influences. This album was critically acclaimed and aroused the interest of more than half a million eager listeners on the internet as well as being the subject of many press articles.

The band's third album « Metempsychosis » was released on March 13 -  2020 through the Australian label Art as Catharsis, the first day of Switzerland's lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once again, the album was extremely well-received by the band's fanbase and was reviewed by many different independent magazines and webzines. It was voted "Best Post-Rock Album of the Year 2020" by YouTube channel Wherepostrockdwells.

In February 2023, hubris. will release their fourth record, entitled The One Above



"We are musically near of Leech, Sigur Rós or Long Distance Calling. hubris. has its proper identity, something which is not given to all the bands in this particular musical genre. With a sound reaching its ambitions, ‘Emersion’ deserve its place in the pictures of post-rock."


" The rest of this album is just as skilful. This band plays all across the post rock smorgasbord, rather than sticking to classic tricks and compartmentalizing their music. The result is something fresh, young, hopeful and dedicated with immediately captured my heart and mind. I’m calling it now: this is the breakout post rock act of the year."

"The album shows extremely wonderful melodies and denotes a band absolutely in tune with each member. This album hits you from the very first listen, but the experience continues to improve at every further listening."

"Apocyphal Gravity has a mastery of composition and recording techniques “Deimos To Phobos” is a two part piece that has extremely pleasant harmonics to listen to. Actually that album is very good for doing some work, it has that disengaging lift up, it actually makes you feel good. I can’t argue that it gets repetitive at times, but that is not exactly so, it progresses, the vibe changes, some chord progressions are going forward, I can congratulate that effort, it is awesome."

“It’s a real shame that the words aren’t as descriptive as the sounds on this record, because there is just no other way of transmitting the genuine awe that lives inside of it except by listening to it. This is one of the best rock albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing […].”

“In the end you end up with an experience so grand that you almost want to cry. [Metempsychosis] is a really beautiful album that more people should hear.”


  • July 2023 - USA Tour - 21 shows, including Post. Festival, Indianapolis 

  • February 2023 - EU Tour - 18 shows, including The One Above Release Party 

  • November 2022 - EU Tour - 14 shows 

  • July 2022 - Concretion Post-Rock Festival 

  • May 2022 - EU Tour - 13 shows, including dunk! Festival 

  • November 2021 - EU Tour - 11 shows 

  • November 2020 - Metempsychosis Release Party 

  • November 2019 - Australia & India Tour - 12 shows, including Yonder Fest

  • October 2019 - EU Tour - 8 shows 



Jonathan Hohl


Jonathan Hohl

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